Which flavor do you choose?

Soft water, pure water or rich water? My secret? The Robi Capsule! You can choose between three different capsules, each with a different effect and therefore a different taste. You know what you like, so which Robi Capsule do you choose?

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Highly recommended! The tap water tastes like our trusted brand, and ecologically, we're taking a big step in the right direction.
- Catherine
Since we got Robi water, we have been drinking water from the tap again. Before that, this really wasn't good. No more lugging around with bottles and always having water in the house. Happy with this purchase!
- Dorien
The Robi is discreetly tucked under the counter, and at least as good as bottled water. By default, they should install it in new-build homes;)
- Esther
Before, the water from our tap was not so good. Since Robi, we have never drunk so much water.
- Any

Clean tap water in 3 simple steps

1. Choose your taste

With Robi at home, you decide the taste of your tap water all by yourself. You can choose from three different Robi Capsules. With one Robi Capsule, you can conjure up the tastiest water from your own tap for 6 months.

2. Installation

You only need to install Robi once. With the detailed manual, you can literally do that in the blink of an eye. Would you rather get help? A Robi expert will be happy to install it for you!

3. Press the button

Once your tap is connected to the Robi, press the Robi Button for delicious Robi Water to your taste. The most delicious water flows from your own tap. Magical, isn't it?

Calculate your benefit

Wondering how much money you're actually saving thanks to Robi? Choose the bottled water of your choice, enter the number of family members, and the Robi Calculator does the rest. Help!

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