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Is Robi more sustainable than bottled water?

Sure! Robi is more sustainable than bottled water because of:

  • Much less packaging: By using Robi, you no longer need plastic or glass bottles. The only “package” that Robi still uses are the capsules. But since one capsule accounts for 1,000 litres (or 600 litres for a Soft or Plus capsule), Robi uses up to 1,000 times less packaging material.
  • Transport: bottled water has a higher ecological footprint than Robi, because bottled water needs to be transported: from the bottling plant to the distribution center, from the distribution center to the store, and from the store to your home. And, when a bottle is empty, transport follows again: plastic bottles go into the blue bag and are then transported to waste treatment. Once again, glass bottles travel all the way back, from your home via the store to the distribution center and bottling plant. To get Robi water to your home, no trucks or other means of transport are used, but simply the water supply.
  • Design and use of materials: The Robi Box and Robi Button are made of rPET, which is recycled PET, the plastic used to make disposable bottles.

Bepaal zelf de smaak van je kraanwater

Robi is een slimme waterfilter die je eenvoudig kan aansluiten op je bestaande kraan.

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