Robi, the button's water

At the touch of my magic button, you can conjure up the most delicious water straight from your own tap. Aquacadabra!

Do you also always carry bottled water in the supermarket? Do you want to save hundreds of euros a year and do you want the tastiest water from your own tap at the same time?
Then I am the solution to your problem.

Enjoy your taste

Goodbye bottled water, hello yummy Robi Water!

You can conjure up the most delicious water straight from your own tap. My Robi Capsule contains an innovative activated carbon filter that purifies, filters and enriches your tap water. One push on my magic button and... you say goodbye to bottled water for good. As a true gourmet, you know what's good, so choose from the 3 different Robi Capsules.
I am sure that you too will find the water taste that suits you best.

Nice and cheap

With me at home, you can quickly save hundreds of euros a year as a family.

My Original Capsule provides 1000 litres of pure water, while my Soft and Plus Capsule purify around 600 litres* of water. With one capsule, you can conjure up the tastiest water from your own tap for 6 months, without buying bottles! Wondering how much money you're actually saving thanks to me? Choose the bottled water of your choice, enter the number of family members, and the Robi Calculator does the rest.

*Depends on water hardness

Nice and easy

From now on, remove bottled water from your shopping list, because with Robi, you're opting for a life without carrying around in the supermarket.

What do you have to do for that? That's simple: just install me once. With the detailed manual, you can really do that in the blink of an eye. So everyone in your family is less bottled thanks to the water on the button. Easy, isn't it?

Still a bit uncertain and would you rather leave the installation to a professional? That's no problem either! Book our installation service here and a Robi technician will be happy to help you.

Book our installation service

Nice and healthy

Drinking water is healthy, everyone knows that. Your organs work better, your body gets the necessary energy and you have less headache and fatigue. Wow, wow, wow! So install my magic button quickly, because it makes drinking water a breeze. Wondering how much you actually drink?

Also, download my handy Robi App and let the counting begin...

Robi app

Future plans in the Robi Lab

Robi is always there in your taste. Really always. Do you prefer chilled water or are you a big fan of bubbles? Then subscribe to our newsletter in no time, because behind the scenes, developments are already underway for a cold water and a sparkling water module. So your favorite water will arrive quickly too. Aquacadabra!
In the meantime, you can of course combine Robi with a sparkling water maker.

I want to stay up to date!