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What is the difference between Robi and a BRITA can?

Robi and Brita both change the taste of your tap water by filtering out certain substances. And for this purpose, both use filtration by means of active carbon, among other things. In terms of ease of use and functionalities, there are some clear differences:

  • Safety: With Robi, it is not possible to exceed the prescribed capacity of the filter. If your Robi Capsule has reached the maximum period (6 months) or the maximum number of liters, your Robi will stop working until you install a new capsule. As a result, the filter quality is always guaranteed. In addition, there is no reservoir of stagnant water in the ROBI device, which means that the risk of bacteria formation is much smaller than with other solutions.
  • Convenience: the Robi Capsules have a capacity of 600 or 1000 liters and up to 6 months, which in practice means that most users only need to replace their Robi Capsule every 6 months. The device also requires no maintenance. Since Robi is connected to the water supply, there is always an unlimited amount of delicious Robi Water available.
  • Choice of taste: with Robi, you can choose from three different capsules, each of which provides a different treatment and therefore a different taste for your water.
  • Mobile app: Robi users can install a mobile app for free to monitor both their total drinking water consumption and the status of their Robi Box

Bepaal zelf de smaak van je kraanwater

Robi is een slimme waterfilter die je eenvoudig kan aansluiten op je bestaande kraan.

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