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Product description

Just pure water, isn't that the max? With Robi Original, you remove taste disruptors and get extremely pure water. Ahhh... santé!

If you love Chaudfontaine, Evian, or Vittel, the Original Capsule is the best choice.

The Robi Original Capsule has a lifespan of up to 6 months and purifies 1000 litres of water!

Price per liter: €0.04/liter

Product specifications

Height (mm): 233.5

Diameter (mm): 87.5


Remove the Robi Capsule from the package and remove the top capsule cap. Tip: Keep this cap with you to re-seal the used Robi Capsule after replacement. Now screw the Robi Capsule firmly into the already assembled Robi Box. You can't see threads anymore!

Before you can drink Robi Water, you must first fill the screwed in Robi Capsule with water. First use: Press the Robi Button and now let the cold water run out of the tap for at least 2 minutes. This will ensure that the Robi Capsule in the Robi Box fills with water. Shut off the water tap.

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