Robi in a nutshell

You too will soon be able to conjure up the most delicious water from your own tap. So find a spot for my Robi Knop, right next to your crane. Turn the Robi Capsule into the Robi Box and connect the box to the cold water line. Huplaaaa.

From then on, the water flows through the Robi Box at the touch of my magic button and is immediately purified, filtered and enriched by the Robi Capsule. Aquakadabra!

Starter kit - Box full of Robi

Everything you find in my box can be seen in detail below. Take a moment to review each section and then read on. The installation really proves itself!

  • Robi Box
  • Robi Button
  • Robi Capsule
  • Robi App
More info

From inside the box to under your counter

You really don't have to be a handy Harry to install me because you'll install me in a few simple steps. Easy, isn't it?

This way, I can move from inside my box to under your counter in the blink of an eye. Promised!

Pssssssst: make sure the Robi Box fits under your counter. The minimum space required to install the Box is: 25 x 25 x 55 cm.


We'll start with the Robi Button, of course. Find the perfect spot near your crane. Don't worry, it really fits nicely into any kitchen!


Place your Robi Box under the counter and connect it to your water supply. Simple! The Robi Box connects wirelessly to the Robi Button.


Just press the Robi Button: the most delicious water flows from your own tap. Magical, isn't it?


I'll let you know when it's time for a new Robi Capsule, every six months. You order them via the webshop. Floats.


Download the handy Robi App. This way, you can track how much you drink and how much money you save.

I'm installing Robi myself

Find out how you can easily install Robi yourself here.

Installing Robi

I would like some help

No problem at all! Book our installation service here and a Robi technician will be happy to help you.

A technician, please!