Which water flavor do you choose?

So from now on, with me in the house, you decide the taste of your tap water yourself. You simply turn your favorite Robi Capsule into the Robi Box and at the touch of a button, you can conjure up the tastiest water, straight from your own tap. I'm the perfect replacement for your favorite bottled water brand (if I do say so myself)!

You can choose from three different Robi Capsules. These all contain an innovative activated carbon filter that purifies, filters and enriches your tap water.
So are all three actually the same? No, because each capsule has a slightly different composition, which provides a delicious, unique taste. Hmmmmm!

Are you ready? I'm happy to show you the way into the wonderful world of Robi Capsules. So bring out the water expert in you quickly, let your taste buds tingle and make your choice...

Goodbye bottled water, hello yummy Robi Water!

Psssssst: the Original Capsule provides 1000 litres of delicious water. The Soft and Plus Capsule purify around 600 litres of water, depending on the water hardness. So with one capsule, you can conjure up the tastiest water from your own tap for 6 months. Aquacadabra!