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Product description

The Robi Box & Button is the starter package for getting the most delicious water out of your tap. The Robi Box is placed under your tap and connected to the cold water pipe. Turn your desired Robi Capsule into the Robi Box and press the button. Huplaa, you tap filtered and deliciously enriched water directly from your own tap.

What's in the Robi Box?

  • Hanging plate
  • Hanging bracket
  • Flexible water supply
  • Spanner
  • Screws
  • The Robi Button
  • Power adapter

PAY ATTENTION: you also need to order a Robi Capsule with the Robi Box. The Capsule shown in the image is therefore not included.

Product specifications

Height: 55 cm

Width: 25 cm

Depth: 25 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Material: Plastic

Color: Dark Blue

Connection: Stop valve

Nutrition: Power outlet/4AA batteries (not included)


You install the Robi Box under the kitchen sink and connect it to the water supply under your own tap. That's so fixed!

The minimum space required to install the Robi Box is: 25 x 25 x 55 cm.

Do you need help with the installation? Take advantage of our installation service.

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