Sustainable drinking water - customized systems

More and more entrepreneurs and organizations are switching from bottled water or a bottle cooler to their own drinking water system. With Robi Professional, you can serve the tastiest chilled still or sparkling water. You decide the taste, and it's good for your wallet.

Which flavor do you choose?

With Robi Professional, you choose which water to serve to your customers or employees. Soft water, neutral water or rich water? Regardless of the ROBI device you use, you can choose between three different filter capsules, each with a different effect and therefore a different taste. That way, you provide the taste that people are used to and lower the threshold for using Robi instead of bottled water.

Soft Capsule Pro

For those who love the fine, smooth taste of Spa Reine. Capacity up to 20,000 litres, 12 months of use.

Original Capsule Pro

Who loves Chaudfontaine, Vittel, Evian for? Capacity up to 60,000 litres, 12-month period of use.

Plus Capsule Pro

For those who love the rich taste of added magnesium, like Hépar or Contrex. Capacity up to 5,000 litres, 12-month operating period

Why choose a Robi Professional water tap?

Robi is an impact company. By choosing tapped water instead of bottled water with us, you reduce the CO2 footprint of your drinking water by up to 200 times.

1. Choose your own taste

With a Robi Professional water system, you decide the taste of your drinking water yourself. Choose one of the three Robi Capsules and give your customers, employees and visitors the taste they are used to.

2. Service and expertise

We are drinking water experts. Filtration, cooling and carbonization of water have no secrets for us. Thanks to our extensive and years of experience in hospitality and events, we offer service at the highest level.

3. Customization

From hospitality business to school and SME to a large company and event. We provide a drinking water system that meets your specific needs.

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